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The Pliva River is a beautiful river that originates in the Republic of Srpska - Šipovo. Its course begins in the municipality of Šipovo, passes through the municipality of Jezero, and in Jajce, it forms two stunning lakes, Pliva Lake Veliko and Pliva Lake Malo.

With its spectacular waterfall in the city center, it merges into the Vrbas River. The perfect combination of active tourism, being in nature, stand-up paddling, and delicious delicacies prepared in a beautiful ambiance will leave you anything but indifferent if you decide on this type of vacation.

The waterfall at the confluence of the Pliva River in Jajce, standing at 22 meters, is among the 12 most beautiful waterfalls in the world."

10 km

3 h

Rafting tour on the Pliva river


The tour includes rafting on a wooden raft, paddling along the spectacular currents of the Pliva River, visiting the hidden small lakes called Osmice, and taking a break for photography at the breathtaking waterfalls in the municipality of Jezero. The tour's duration is 3 hours, covering a total distance of 10 km. A raft accompanies the tour, allowing you to switch from the paddleboard to the raft at any time.

The canals through which the Pliva River flows offer a sense of complete wilderness. The canals are narrow, around 2-3 meters, and in spring and summer, they are fully overgrown with vegetation. This creates the impression of sailing through natural tunnels with the most modern air conditioning. This tour includes paddleboarding training, rafting, stand-up paddling, a guide, and unforgettable moments in untouched nature.

Riding an electric bicycle


One of the unique ways to connect with nature is by riding an electric bicycle through stunning landscapes alongside lakes.

Riding an electric bicycle represents an extraordinary blend of technology and nature. With a silent electric motor providing additional support while pedaling, riders can easily explore trails through nature without significant effort. This enables a ride adapted to every fitness level and ability, making it accessible to everyone.

As you pedal through forest trails and alongside lakes, every moment brings new excitement and discovery. Every twist of the path reveals a new breathtaking scene - whether it's the sunny reflection on the lake's surface or a shaded spot under the trees.

5 km

3 h

Stand-up paddling to the Mlinčići on the Pliva river


According to legend, 18 mills were built because the main characters of the mill legends were 18 years old. There is no tourist who came to Jajce and didn't visit the Mills. On this unique tour, you will see the Pliva Mills from an incredible perspective.

This beautiful 5 km tour is our best-selling tour. One of the tour's characteristics is paddling on two lakes, visiting the famous Pliva Mills, and getting to know the legends related to them.

The tour is not demanding and suitable for everyone, regardless of age, gender, or previous experience.
During the tour, we take breaks at two beautiful beach bars. Cocktails, sand volleyball, and swimming at the city beach, all in 3 hours of tour duration.